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Along the 20km coastline There are many beautiful beaches such as Front Beach, Back Beach, Vong Nguyet, Pineapple (Pineapple), ... All are ideal for sunbathing, swimming and relaxing.
Located in Vung Tau peninsula, Vung Tau city is one of the few places on the mainland where you can watch the beautiful sunrise and sunset over the sea.
In addition, Vung Tau city also has many unique monuments such as: Vung Tau Lighthouse, statue of Jesus Christ, Nirvana Tinh Xa Pagoda, Thich Ca Phat Dai Pagoda, Long Son big house, etc.
All the attractions of the city are thanks to the harmonious combination of natural landscape, urban architecture and cultural works.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Vung Tau?


Visit Vung Tau

Being in the tropical climate zone therefore visitor can visit this coastline city all year round. It has two separate seasons
The rainy season is from May to October and the dry season is from November to April. The temperature is around 27 degrees, while lowest is 24 degrees and highest is 29 degrees.

How To Get To Vung Tau?

+ By bus
The bus is the common transportation to Vung Tau by local people. Therefore, there are many bus daily to this city. They are Phuong Trang, Kumho Samco, Hoa Mai, Toan Thang, ect bus companies for choice to travel. It takes around 1.5 – 2 hours to reach Vung Tau. Each 30 minutes has 1 bus leave the bus station depend on each bus company
Price: around 4 usd to 13 usd/ticket
+ By motorbike
Motorbike is one of common transportation to Vung Tau for young people. It takes around 3 hours to reach Vung Tau beach city.
+ By speedboat
Speedboat is available daily between Ho Chi Minh city and Vung Tau city. It takes around 1.5 hour to reach the city. Some speedboat companies are Vina Express, Petro Pacific Express and Green lines. Address is in Nha Rong Wharf in Ho Chi Minh city. Price is from 7 usd to 12 usd/ticket.
Travel to Vietnam quite easy but to select the best place to visit while visiting Vietnam it’s not easy for everyone. After more than 10 years working in travel line. we would like to suggest some famous site should visit while tour to Vung Tau. If it’s still hard for you so let us know how is your travel plan?

Tops Attractions & Things To Do In Vung Tau


1. Statue Of Christ

The Statue of Christ, also known as the Statue of God with Open Arms. It is one of the famous Vung Tau attractions that many tourists visit. Located on the top of Small mountain, Vung Tau city, the statue was built in 1974.
Statue Of Christ
Christ statue has a height of 32m, an arm span of 18.3m standing on a height of 170m, with a beautiful sea view, inside is 133 steps up to 2 hands of the statue. Standing here, visitors can zoom into the distance, admire the vast landscape.
The statue of Christ can be considered as a version with a similarity to the 2m tall Christ Statue in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro – one of the largest statues in Asia.

How Statue of Christ is unique?

On the top of Little Mountain, the statue of Christ stands tall and steady with arms outstretched as if supporting man. The surface of the statue facing the sea is full of gentleness and tolerance as if protecting and enveloping sentient beings.
Although it is just a statue built from reinforced concrete. The aesthetic and artistic details such as standing posture, facial expressions, charisma, costumes … are all shown vividly and softly and full of creativity.
To reach the top to admire the statue of Christ in this tourist destination. Visitors must pass nearly 800 steps, both sides full of flowers and tree-shaded. This is considered a sweet challenge for devout tourists and wants to explore the beautiful scenery.
Stepping to the top of this tourist destination, visitors will admire a unique architecture. The statue of God stands on a 10-meter-high, bow-shaped concrete pedestal, with reliefs “The Last Supper” in front and “God giving the key to Peter” on the back.
Step up to 133 spiral stairs inside the Vung Tau sightseeing spot. Standing on the Lord’s shoulder, close your eyes, sincerely pray for peace and good things. Legend has it that all of your wishes will come true. Then, slowly open your eyes to admire the beautiful nature of the coastal city, enjoy the wind blowing in a splendid breeze.

2. Vung Tau Lighthouse

Admiring the beautiful natural scenery, you can also conquer Vung Tau Lighthouse – one of the interesting sightseeing places chosen by many tourists.
After turning right from Ha Long sea road, the near opposite section of Canh Ngam pier began to widen. Visitors can ride straight to the lighthouse, but walking along the mountain is still chosen by many visitors to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the coastal city from above.
Located at an altitude of 170m, the lighthouse has a circular tower shape, 18m high, covered with delicate white paint, prominent against the blue sky. This place is surrounded by beautiful green trees, attracting many tourists to visit.
Vung Tau Lighthouse is considered the oldest among 79 lighthouses in Vietnam and is a symbol of Vung Tau city. France built this site in 1862 to signal and guide ships passing.
Vung Tau Lighthouse
The best time for visitors to visit Vung Tau lighthouse is in the afternoon at about 14:00 to 17:00. Because the sun is light, the light is just right combined to create sparkling and magical pictures for young people.
Watch the coastal city at night on Vung Tau lighthouse: tourists often choose to go up to the lighthouse to see the whole city of Vung Tau in the sparkling night to enjoy a cup of coffee.
Thus, no matter what time it comes, Vung Tau lighthouse always has very own beauty. Standing from the balcony of the lighthouse can both feel the cool breeze from the sea and see Vung Tau from all sides, has just had beautiful photos.

3. Linh Son Co Tu Pagoda

Vung Tau is not only a coastal city with many attractive entertainment areas but also a famous spiritual place with large and unique architectural temples. In which, Linh Son Co Tu is the pagoda chosen by tourists from all over the world to visit.
Located at 104 Hoang Hoa Tham, Vung Tau. Since 1919, the temple was built on Nui Nho but occupied by the French to build a pilot. Therefore, another temple was built on this site and exists to this day.
As soon as you step into the temple, you will see a majestic and delicate carved statue of the Buddha.
Linh Son Co Tu is located on a quiet and well-ventilated street. Although the temple does not have massive architecture, it preserves the traditional traces of Buddhism in ancient times.
Linh Son Co Tu Pagoda
Linh Son Co Tu is one of the famous Vung Tau tourist destinations because the pagoda was voted in the Top 100 typical spiritual tourist destinations of Vietnam and the State has recognized Linh Son Co Tu as a Cultural Monument. – The national level of history.
Linh Son Co Tu is divided into many different spaces. However the common point is ancient architecture with delicate dragon carvings, the path is covered with large old trees.
The main hall of Long Son Pagoda in Vung Tau tourist destination is quite simple, worshipping Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. The main highlights are the Buddha Shakyamuni statue with a gentle and kind face, made of stone 1.2m high, coated with gold and skillfully sculpted.
This is a Buddha statue in ancient Cham architecture and is estimated by archaeologists about 1,600 years ago. Vung Tau tourists always feel excited and curious about this ancient statue.

4. Minh Dam Mountain

Minh Dam mountain is over 8km long and 355m high. The mountain has 3 sides bordering the sea. From Minh Dam mountain, visitors can look straight to the sea, watch the ships go fishing on the sea of ​​Long Hai, Vung Tau.
Inside Minh Dam mountain, there are many small caves hidden under forests, cliffs, freshwater streams groping down from the mountains … and many rare species of flora and fauna.
Minh Dam mountain is also the place where Minh Dam military base was built.
Most visitors come to Minh Dam mountain to conquer the mountain peak located at an altitude of 200m above sea level. However, the journey to conquer the top of Minh Dam mountain is not a small challenge for many tourists because the way to the mountain is quite steep and dangerous.
Although 2/3 of the way to the top of the mountain has been paved to make it easier to move. To conquer the remaining 1/3 of the mountain road, visitors need to have extraordinary health and a great effort.
On the Vung Tau tour Vietnam journey to conquer the top of Minh Dam mountain, visitors will pass through shelters located under rock ravines or dense foliage. Inside these tunnels, there are still some artefacts such as bowls, bowls, forest axes, personal living equipment … that the soldiers used when they were still here.
Passing 2/3 of the road to Minh Dam mountain, visitors will see Long Hai beach. The closer you climb to the top of the mountain, the more the beauty of Long Hai beach becomes clearer in front of visitors. The cool mountain air and the chirping of birds all over Minh Dam mountain make visitors feel extremely comfortable.

5. Dinh Co Temple

Dinh Co Temple is located in Long Hai town, Long Dien District, Ba Ria – Vung Tau province. This is a temple area with monumental architecture with traditional architecture bold colours of folk culture.
* The temple has Chinh Dien in the centre.
Entering Chinh Dien, visitors will see the centre of Chinh Dien, an altar of Mrs Le Thi Hong, 0.5m high, wearing a red robe, glittering, and a jade hat. The two sides of the altar of Ba Co are the altars of Dieu Tri, the Mother Buddha, the Lord Master, the Ngu Hanh Nuong Nuong, the Four Dharma Nuong Nuongs … The altars are decorated with flowers and candles, with a sacred atmosphere of the worship.
Dinh Co Temple
Inside Dinh Co, in addition to the central space of Chanh Dien, which is a place of worship. There is also an area to display gifts that Long Hai people offer to Ba Co on Dinh Co. The offerings on display in the Palace include flower lamps, candles, model wooden boats, but most still are crowns and hats.
After paying a visit to Dinh Co. Visitors can go to the back of the Palace, stand to enjoy the breeze blowing in from the sea, take a walk and admire the wild and romantic Dinh Co beach. Dinh Co Beach is also a tourist destination near Vung Tau that owns the most pristine beautiful beach in Vung Tau city.
Most visitors visit Dinh Co on Dinh Co holidays (February 10th, 11th and 12th every lunar year). This is one of the biggest festivals in the Vung Tau attracts many tourists to visit and worship.

6. Long Hai Beach

About 15km from the centre of Vung Tau city. Long Hai beach is located in Long Hai town, Long Dien district and is a pristine and fresh beach than other beaches in Vung Tau.
On the way here, you will pass a beautifully romantic and dreamy sea road with cherry blossom trees. Especially when the New Year comes again in full bloom in the sky.
Due to not being exploited for tourism much, Long Hai beach still retains its original calm and original features. The sea is extremely clean with clear blue water, the waves gently hit the stretch of soft golden sand.
Long Hai Beach
Along the coast are small rocks that add a lively part to the seascape here. The sea scene here is like a wonderful, harmonious natural picture.
When you come to Long Hai beach, you can freely swim in the sea, immerse in the cool water, enjoy the splendid sea breeze with the salty taste of the sea.
The long sandy beach is also suitable for you to lie down and relax on the sea or walk along the beach and watch the romantic sea. All will bring you a feeling of relaxation, refreshment, forgetting how tired of daily life.
Near the beach, you can also go to a few popular eateries to enjoy delicious seafood dishes, such as shrimp, crab, grilled squid, … with extremely reasonable prices or buy fresh seafood for relatives and friends.

7. Ho Tram Beach


Ho Tram – an interesting destination in Vung Tau tourism itinerary. Here is not noisy, the sea is very blue, the sand is smooth. Along with Bai Dai – Phu Quoc (Kien Giang), Ho Tram is one of the most beautiful and pristine beaches in the world voted by a famous American TV channel. With a gentle and wild beauty, Ho Tram has always captivated people.
Ho Tram has 2 distinct seasons: the dry season and the rainy season. Along with that thanks to the sea breeze, Ho Tram is cool all year round. So you can travel to Ho Tram at any time of the year, each season Ho Tram has its beauty for visitors to explore.
Ho Tram is considered a picture that is in harmony with the colours of the sea, forests and wild features of nature. Coming to Ho Tram beach, visitors will enjoy a completely different space from Long Hai beach of Vung Tau sea.
Ho Tram Beach
The gentle Ho Tram beach with the long stretch of sand, fine white and turquoise water basking in the brilliant golden sunlight. It makes the natural landscape more brilliant, enchanting many tourists. The sand in Ho Tram is also very special, it is not as yellow as the sand in Vung Tau beach but slightly turns pink, adding a little light under the golden sunlight and stands out in the blue sky.
Along the coast is a windy poplar forest all year round. Sitting and listening to the waves lapping on the golden sandy beach. You will quickly forget the worries and immerse yourself in the wild nature here.
It would be a pity to ignore the sunrise at Ho Tram as beautiful as a picture. With colourful clouds printed on the seawater still standing on the sand, creating a magical beauty.

8. Hon Ba Island


The road to the top of Hon Ba is zigzag with steeply raised slopes. The higher it goes, the fresh and cool the air. Here, the landscape is unspoiled and very peaceful, only the sound of the wind, wild birds, floating in the deposition space.
Every higher than 100m, there is a signboard of altitude and to the signboard recording, 1,500m is the road directly towards the front of the house of Dr Yersin.
Hon Ba is a small island in Vung Tau City, Ba Ria – Vung Tau province. It also is known as Ba Vien Dan island or Archinard island. Along the Ha Long road around Nho mountain, from Front Beach, across Bai Dua to Nghinh Phong cape overlooking the sea.
Visitors see Hon Ba island lying alone in the middle of the sea, at the foot of the island, white foam waves are very romantic. During low tide, this place reveals a jagged stone path. If adventurous visitors can go out to explore.
Hon Ba Island
From the foot of the island up to the temple, there is a winding, winding road, built with solid steps. The whole island is covered with green coconut trees, poplar trees, areca and porcelain flowers.
* Unlike other natural landscapes restored and modernized by humans. Hon Ba still retains its wild beauty and romantic nature.
The seawater here is clear, cool, reflected in the distance, are rocks of all sizes with fancy shapes, small pebbles scattered all over the coast. The perfect combination of rock and sea creates the characteristic of Hon Ba.
Especially at dawn or sunset, Hon Ba gives her even more brilliant beauty due to the light reflecting and shimmering sunlight.

9. Vung Tau White Palace


White Palace is the name of the Villa Blanche building. The resort for the French governor-general in Indochina, Paul Doumer, and the senior French-American officials.
There are 2 ways to Bach Dinh. If you go by car, there is a winding road that runs under a wooded wood leading up to the lobby. There is a pedestrian walk through 146 ancient steps, hidden between two rows of old porcelain.
Because of bold French architecture upstairs. There are many windows, each window has a different view, enjoying the surrounding scenery. Standing from where the wind blows through the cool window. The airy floor is suitable for resting.
White palace not only attracts tourists by its architecture but also attracts visitors by its romantic scenery. When arriving here, visitors cannot help but be surprised as if they are lost in an ancient castle in the middle of a mysterious forest.
Vung Tau White Palace
In the rainy season, the forest surrounding it is green, with leafy branches spread out umbrellas to cover the path. In the fall foliage season, everywhere, you can see porcelain flowers. The whole road to Bach Dinh is filled with red, white, and pink colours on the road and the garden.
With a prime location. From here overlooking Front Beach, with sweeping views of the sea, visitors can feel the breath of Vung Tau city.
Currently, the white palace is used as a museum to display the collection of rare and precious ceramics from the Khang Hy period recovered from ancient ships crashed in the area of ​​Hon Cau – Con Dao, cannons and many other valuable artefacts.

10. Con Dao Island


Con Dao is the name of an offshore archipelago in Ba Ria-Vung Tau province. About 97 nautical miles from Vung Tau and 45 nautical miles from Hau river. Con Dao or Con Son is also used for the name of the largest island in this archipelago.
Con Dao Island
The time from Tet to the end of summer, from March to the end of September is the best time to travel to Con Dao. From October to February. Although the waters of Con Dao often have big waves, since this time is the dry season. There is always a fair amount of sunshine and it is also worth visiting Con Dao.
* Con Dao is 97 nautical miles from Vung Tau (180km). There are two ways to get to Con Dao by land + water or by air.

Experience Must Try When Coming To Con Dao:


Scuba diving to watch the coral


Scuba diving to watch the coral

Con Dao consists of different sub-islands such as Hon Bay Canh, Hon Tai, Hon Tre, Hon Egg, Hon Trac or Hon Cau … is the convergence of coral reefs with the highest density in Vietnam. The ideal place to explore the amazing ocean world. At the diving sites that have been pre-explored. Visitors will be guided to basic manoeuvres and diving with the instructor.

East Sea fishing – an interesting activity when travelling to Con Dao.

The waters of Con Dao located in the East Sea are abundant in seafood, promising an interesting sail for the fishermen. After that, you can enjoy your booty and the peaceful space of the blue and white sea with your companions or relatives. In particular, some visitors challenge their courage by themselves with shark fishing animals.
East Sea fishing – an interesting activity when travelling to Con Dao.
The most ideal place is Nhat beach, located on top of the famous Love of Con Dao. According to the “experts”, shark fishing islanders said. The best time to go shark fishing is when the night falls, and the fish is big or small, more or less depends on weather and water.

Explore the deserted island

Con Son Bay consists of a system of 14 different small and small islands with a chain of Tai, Trac, Rabbit, … gathered like a big family and Hon Bay Canh, Bong Lan, Hon Cau, Hon Egg, Hon Tre … majestic in the middle of the sea. All the islands that create a poetic beauty for Con Son Bay and is a marine ecological reserve with coral reefs that are nowhere to match in density and type.

See turtles lay eggs

Travelling to Con Dao, you can experience a quiet but extremely charming night on Bay Canh Island. You will see firsthand the sea turtles of Chelonia mydas that folk call green turtles or turtles … make nests and lay eggs on the coast.
And some other attractions in Con Dao such as Dam Trau beach, seven-sided island, hot spring beach, con island national park, con island prison, …

Big Festivals And Event In Vung Tau

Vung Tau holds many festivals every year. It attracts a lot of tourists all over the world. Once planning to Vung Tau and wish to join festival here, you can have schedule and reach here as time of each festival.
Big Festivals And Event In Vung Tau
  1. Dinh Co Festival: 10th – 12th February (Lunar Calendar)
  2. Thang Tam Temple Festival: 17th – 20th February (Lunar Calendar)
  3. Nghinh Ong Festival: 16th – 18th August (Lunar Calendar)
  4. Tran Hung Dao’s Death Memorial: 20th August (Lunar Calendar)
  5. Wu Xing Goddess’s Temple Festival: 16th -18th Oct (Lunar Calendar)


Finally thought


There are many famous sights in Vung Tau that you may not have discovered yet. So what are you waiting for, make a plan and go. Wish you will have many memorable memories.
And if you always want a complete and happy trip, please contact us through Viet Nam Trust Car Rental, hope to see you soon. Stay tuned for our latest articles on Vietnam travel!

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