The experience to drive in Viet Nam

Wednesday, 11/06/2014, 14:43 GMT+7
Driving a vehicle in Vietnam seems a no-no idea as soon as you set your first step in Vietnam but after a few days, the experience will be too tempting to avoid. In fact, driving a car, motorbike or even riding a bicycle will give you more excitement that you can imagine: you can see Vietnam YOUR way. One of the most common concerns then is - will your driving license suffice the legal requirement?  
For permanent residents or those who relocate to Vietnam for working, studying or living, you must own a valid Vietnamese Driver License issued by provincial or national public transportation service- which belongs to the Ministry of Transport. 
For temporary visitors, it is preferred that you possess an international driving permit, which can easily be obtained from your home country and converted to Vietnamese one. The police have the right to confiscate your vehicle for 90 days if you are not able to show a valid license.  
Who can apply for a Vietnam's driving license: those holding a valid Vietnamese residence permit or a visa valid for at least 3 month and a valid driving license?
It take to obtain a Vietnam license: 5-7 days from the date of document submission
How much does it cost? the fee is $3.5 , excluding translation and notorization fee.

How to get the driving license in Viet Nam?
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