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Transfer Ho Chi Minh To Long An by private Car

Nestled to the west of Ho Chi Minh City, Long An Province beckons with its enchanting landscapes in the heart of the Mekong Delta region. Boasting attractions like the picturesque Tân Lập floating village, the serene Cát Tường Phú Sinh Ecotourism Park,.... Long An has become a magnet for travelers seeking a blend of culture and natural beauty.

How many ways to get from Ho Chi Minh City to Long An?

Travelling from Ho Chi Minh City to Tan An, which is located 52.2 km away, takes roughly 43 minutes Ho Chi Minh City to Long An by car. So, there are many ways to travel from Ho Chi Minh City to Long An, depending on your needs, budget and time. Here are some noteworthy choices:

Transfer Ho Chi Minh To Long An by taxi

For those craving speed and comfort, taxi Ho Chi Minh to Long An as the premier option. The journey to central Long An, such as Tân An, unfolds in a mere 40-45 minutes, providing a swift and convenient experience.

Transfer Ho Chi Minh To Long An by taxi

A fare ranging from $35 to $45, offering a hassle-free ride, especially for travelers with lots of luggage.

Below are some taxi companies in Ho Chi Minh City and contact phone numbers:
1. VinaSun Taxi: 028 38 277 178
2. Mai Linh Taxi: 028 38 383838
3. VinaTaxi 028 38 111111
4. Hoàng Long 028 38 999999


Transfer Ho Chi Minh To Long An by bus

Delve into the local experience by opting for the more economical bus routes. Bus number 14, departing from Ben Thanh Bus Station, offers a direct route to Tân An, spanning 1.5-2 hours and costing approximately $2-$3. While buses present a cost-effective alternative, they may be crowded, particularly during peak hours.


Transfer Ho Chi Minh To Long An by motorbike or scooter

For the budget-conscious traveler, renting a motorbike Ho Chi Minh to Long An is a save-money option. A very budget-friendly option, but not recommended for inexperienced riders or large luggage. 
You will adhere to traffic regulations and have your motorbike driver's license in Vietnam. And the travel time, ranging from 1 to 2 hours, hinges on your chosen route and prevailing traffic conditions.
Below are motorbike rental companies in Ho Chi Minh City to Long An and contact phone numbers:
1. Thanh Lan: 028 38 353 535
2. Motortrip: 0938 161 616
3. Style Motorbike: 0948 999 999
4. Saigon Minsk Motorbike: 0909 999 999


Transfer Ho Chi Minh To Long An by private Car

By taking a private transfer from Ho Chi Minh City to Long An, you will have the opportunity to travel in a clean and modern car with a driver who is kind and professional. This is an excellent choice for those who prioritise safety from Ho Chi Minh City to Long An.
Private transfer from Ho Chi Minh City to Long An

However, there are many units that are also renting a car with driver in Long An like us, you can choose many different services that you want, but there are many reasons for you to refer and choose with our car rental Ho Chi Minh to Long An service.

Diverse car models, the latest generation today

At Vietnam Trust Car Rental service, we own more than 40 cars from 4, 7, 16, 29, 30, 35, 45, 47 seats, new cars, the most advanced.

The car ensures 5-star quality, specializes in serving the needs of transporting tourists and tours, the quality is much better than the bus.

The car is equipped with many necessary utilities such as wifi, good air conditioning, and water to help you have moments of leisurely leisure on long journeys.

The cars are cared for, preserved as well as periodically checked, before each trip is strictly checked.

Professional and friendly driver

If you may have met a lot of drivers, each with different personalities, may not be friendly or often raise prices.

However, you rent a car with driver Ho Chi Minh to Long An from Vietnam Trust Car Rental, with a completely professional and friendly service. We always thoroughly eliminate the problem of extra charges for passengers.

Limousine Ho Chi Minh City to Long An

Team of professional and English-speaking drivers, experienced, knowledgeable about many roads along the country.

Comply with regulations on road traffic safety laws.

Our driver consultes to share necessary experiences for you

They always listen to comments from you and always be on time and be present 30 minutes to 1 hour, so that you don't have to wait long.

Cheapest car rental in Long An

With competitiveness and the best service, we are committed to the lowest prices in the region.

Not only that, we offer a big discount when you rent a car HCM to Long An for the second time.

The procedure for renting a car in Long An is simple.

Customers are always king, not only when serving but also from the beginning of signing the contract, we have always paid attention to you, in order to create the most favorable conditions for customers.

You will signed contracts electronically with ease.

The process of booking a car rental HCMC to Long An on the website is the simplest and fastest.

Car rental service to Long An has what types of cars?

Currently, our company has many quality cars available to serve the needs of customers to rent a car to Long An or other locations. You can refer to some outstanding cars such as:

Vietnam Trust Car Rental rent Private Taxi Ho Chi Minh To Long An with the following models:
Our car fleets information:
⇔Sedan 4 seat.
Sedan or Vios :  Vietnam Trust Car Rental company Vietnam Trust Car Rental company  3 people &  3 luggages + handbags.
(Toyota Vios, Mazda 3, Honda Civic, Kia Stinger, Kia Selto).
⇔SUV 7 seat .
SUV or Innova: Vietnam Trust Car Rental company Vietnam Trust Car Rental company  5 people   &  5 luggages + handbags. 
(Mux Isuzu, Toyota Fortuner, Innova, Avanza, Rush, Ford Everest, Nissan Xterra, Kia Sorento, Xpander, Suzuki Ertiga).
⇔Minivan 16 seat.
Minivan : Vietnam Trust Car Rental company Vietnam Trust Car Rental company 12 people &16 luggages + handbags.
(Mercedes Sprinter, Hyundai Solati).
If you are interested in our private transfer from Ho Chi Minh To Long An Vietnam , please text us from whatsapp.
Trust & excellence reputation. 
No hidden charge. 
Professional & friendly driver.   
Free cancel with the right reason.
Vietnam Trust car Rental icon mark English speaking driver that means he is not a local tour guide because his English communication is just good enough for your requirement of saying hello, time to pick up and return on the tour, stop for coffee rest, lunch and drive you to all tourist attractions destinations).
Our company team employees will support you on the tour 24/24 by phone +84.932.726.644 whatsapp contact incase of any need of help.
Book now and pay after the ride with our driver at no extra charge even on weekends.

private transfer

There is a team of enthusiastic and committed customer service consultants with the cheapest rental car in the area, no additional costs, pay after payment, cash, credit card after the end trip.
Just book a car a day before your trip and you will receive complete information about the bus type, driver information as well as a quick and perfect schedule for your trip.
If you are wondering which type to choose, you can contact us. Vietnam Trust Car Rental's staff will advise and help you choose the right car model that best suits your needs.
Surely you will be extremely satisfied and have the most perfect and fun trip. Vietnam Trust Car Rental is always willing to accompany you every step of the way.

How much is HCM Transfer To Long An by private car?

In fact, the price of petrol, the cost of parking, tolls and roads changes from day to day. Therefore, the cost level for transportation services also changes according to the market.
In particular, the price of renting a car Ho Chi Minh City To Long An also depends on many different factors such as: distance traveled, vehicle type, travel schedule and accompanying utilities …
Therefore, to get the most reasonable and accurate car rental price. Please contact a reputable service provider such as Vietnam Trust Car Rental to refer to the price list for each specific case.
With detailed information about the trip schedule, customers will be quickly quoted.
Cheap price HCM Transfer To Long An will be charged as below:
Seat 4 seats 7 seats 16 seats


How do I need to book and confirm the ride to Long An Vietnam?

Free +84.934.189.301 

Free +84.932.726.644  


Book now

What kind of payment type is accepted for the reservation?

Option 1: Online payment deposit required for the reservation in advance just from 30% to ensure the booking is available and no increasing the base cost till up on arrival. 
Option 2 : Cash delivery for our staff at the airport or hotels will be accepted but this issue's payment will not be recommended on the reservation because we may charge more for the peak season holiday or last minute booking.
Instructions for your reservation with us below: 
You may please chat with our tour consultants on the Whatsapp' application or send an email trip request and check the quotes before with us. Our sales teams will respond to all your questions and emails in 10 minutes including trip details and the charge. 
Once you have confirmed with the deal then you will receive a booking reserved with a receipt.

Viietnam Trust Car Rental Footer

An interesting tourist destination in Long An that must be visited

Long An is the gateway connecting the Southeast with the Mekong Delta, bringing the beauty of the two regions. If you love the beauty of the floating season, come to Long An in the 7th to the 10th lunar month to enjoy the feeling of rowing on the river to see the beautiful and idyllic water lilies and lotus flowers.

Ancient house with hundred columns

Address: Trung hamlet, Can Duoc, Long An

The hundred-column old house is one of the most famous ancient houses in the South in particular and Vietnam in general.

The house of nearly 900 square meters is nestled in the middle of a garden of more than 4 hectares with the main door facing northwest.

This house has a unique design with 68 main columns, especially if you include the round of cement gable walls and 52 auxiliary small square columns in row 5, the hundred-column wooden house has up to 120 large and small columns.

At the same time, the house is made of red oak, rosewood, and honey, combined with yin and yang tiled roof, 0.9m high stone foundation and hexagonal Chinese tiled floor, divided into 3 space 2 wings.

Lang Sen wetland

Address: Tan Hung dike, Vinh Loi, Tan Hung, Long An.

Entrance ticket price: about 50,000 VND/person.

Currently, Lang Sen Wetland Reserve is known as a typical ecological land of wetlands, including rich populations of wild animals and plants, including species listed in the Red Book Vietnam.

Visiting Lang Sen, you will have the opportunity to discover the rich world of animals and birds. In particular, Lang Sen also has rich riverside vegetation and seasonally flooded grasslands or swamps full of vitality, which helps attract visitors every year.

Lang Sen wetland

In addition, you will have the opportunity to sail around the lotus fields with an area of ​​up to 50 hectares with the white color of the storks mixed and the pink color of the lotus. Lang Sen wetland every year attracts a large number of domestic and foreign tourists to visit because of its unique features.

Tan Lap Floating Village

Address: Highway 62, Tan Lap, Moc Hoa, Long An province.

Opening hours: 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. all days of the week.

Ticket price to visit Melaleuca forest: 55,000 VND/person. Ticket price for sightseeing by boat: 30,000 VND/person.

Tan Lap floating village has about 5 hectares of land area planned into artificial tourist areas such as wharf managers, resorts for tourists, parks, parking lots, etc. serving tourists to visit the famous Melaleuca forest of the southwestern tourist area of our country today.

The nature here is outstanding with ancient Melaleuca forests, lotus ponds or water lily lakes and hundreds of endemic amphibians and fish species creating a diverse and rich ecosystem.

In particular, immerse yourself in the green nature of Tan Lap floating village, giving you a feeling of peace and relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Tan Lap Floating Village


Phuoc Loc Tho ancient village

The village is a collection of houses considered the oldest in Vietnam and has characteristics of all three regions: North, Central, and South. The first thing you can do when arriving at Phuoc Loc Tho ancient village is check-in immediately with works that have both material and artistic value.

In addition, this place is also a tourist destination in Long An that is quite attractive to tourists because it also has dining, entertainment and resort areas. Therefore, what could be better than having fun, exploring and visiting works of artistic value at the same time?

Address: Phone 824, Huu Thanh, Duc Hoa, Long An province

Opening hours: 07:30 - 19:00 all days of the week

Ticket price: 50,000 VND/person


When is the best time to visit Long An?

If you want to enjoy the cooler, drier weather, then the dry season (December to April) is the best time to visit. During this time, the average temperature is around 25 degrees Celsius (77 degrees Fahrenheit). This is a great time for outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and visiting temples. 
If you prefer to experience the beauty of the Mekong Delta, then the rainy season (May to October) is a great option. During this time, the river levels rise, flooding the rice fields and creating a stunningly beautiful landscape. You can enjoy activities such as boat trips, swimming, and fishing. 
Long An also hosts a number of festivals throughout the year, such as the Kỳ Yên Festival (March) and the Ok Om Bok Festival (October). If you want to experience the local culture, then visiting during one of these festivals is a great idea.

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