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Taxi Transfer Ho Chi Minh To Long Hai

Next to Saigon, Long Hai Beach is the perfect place to unwind on weekends because to its lovely natural environment as well as its fresh and calm ambiance.

Approximately 12 kilometers northeast of Vung Tau city center and 100 kilometers from Ho Chi Minh City lies Long Hai, a stunning beach situated in Long Hai town, Long Dien district, Ba Ria Vung Tau province. Long Hai beach has maintained its untamed beauty and extraordinary tranquility despite its fame.

A lengthy, meandering coastline, backed by the magnificent Minh Dam mountain range, with soft sand and stunning blue sea, enchants visitors with its picturesque and picturesque natural surroundings. Long Hai beach tourism is an excellent option for those seeking a getaway from Saigon where they can unwind and enjoy nature.

How to get from Ho Chi Minh to Long Hai?

It is pretty convenient to move to Long Hai because it is just over 100km from Ho Chi Minh City core. Here are a few different methods to go to Long Hai Beach; pick one that works best for you in terms of your needs, tastes, and current circumstances.

Take the bus from Ho Chi Minh to Long Hai

Buses are the most budget-friendly option, with fares starting at 9-13 USD. Several bus companies offer direct service from Ho Chi Minh City to Long Hai, with departures throughout the day. The journey takes approximately 3-4 hours.

Take the bus from Ho Chi Minh to Long Hai

You can usually find several bus companies operating the Saigon – Long Hai route at the Eastern bus terminal.

Some reliable bus companies that go to Long Hai are these:

Thien Phu: 0917351035.

Long Dien: 064 3 862 038

Eastern Vehicle Cooperative: 08 8993384 or 08 38 455 205.

Northeast Transport Cooperative: 0835119203

The list price of other bus companies:

Company Hoa Mai Anh Quốc Vie Limousine
Prices (VND) 200,000 180,000 300,000

Ride a motorcycle from Ho Chi Minh to Long Hai

Riding a motorbike across Long Hai is an unforgettable experience for adventure-loving youths. You have two options for getting to Long Hai, and this is one of them:

Route 1: From Sai Gon, take National Highway 1A, over the Dong Nai Bridge, continue to Vung Tau at the T-junction, then take a left onto National Road 51. From there, follow Provincial Highway 44A to Long Hai.

Route 2: Traveling from Saigon to Cat Lai, Nhon Trach, Vung Tau City, Long Hai, via Highway 51.

However, you will need to possess the necessary licenses in Vietnam.

To go to Long Hai, you should hire a motorcycle from one of the top sites, which include:

Tigit Motorbikes

Address: B2-00.01 Sarimi, Sala, 72 Nguyen Co Thach, An Loi Dong Ward, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City

Phone: 028 3822 0303

Price: 120,000 - 500,000 VND/day

Rent A Bike Vietnam

Address: 280/24/1 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Ward 6, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Phone: 0984 322 231

Price: 120,000 - 250,000 VND/day

Flamingo Travel

Address: 27 Nguyen Duy Hieu, Thao Dien, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City

Phone: 0986 751 020

Price: 120,000 - 200,000 VND/day

Make use of hydrofoils

Traveling to Long Hai Beach is possible both by land and sea. The ferry is a scenic option, with views of the East Sea and the Long Hai beach. The ferry ride from Ho Chi Minh City to Long Hai takes approximately 2 hours and 23 minutes. The fare is approximately 31-35 USD.

Hydrofoil tickets to Long Hai cost around 200,000 Vietnamese dong (VND) for one person, and one trip, and can be purchased from the Saigon port.

However, you must travel by bus or taxi to Bach Dang wharf to buy Hydrofoil tickets.

Private Taxi Transfer Ho Chi Minh To Long Hai

Private Taxi Transfer Ho Chi Minh To Long Hai is the most convenient option, as it allows you to travel at your own pace and make stops along the way. Ho Chi Minh City to Long Hai by taxi is approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes, depending on traffic conditions. The route takes you along the picturesque coastal highway, with stunning views of the East Sea.

Car rental from Ho Chi Minh to Long Hai

Every vehicle in our private car rental fleet is brand new, and our drivers are polite, and fluent in English. Allowing you to enjoy a travel from HCMC to Long Hai went smoothly.

If you want to stop along the way, he can pull over so you may get some food, use the restroom, stretch your legs, or even go on an endless vehicle journey.

At least one day before to intended departure. We will provide you with details on the inpidual driving, their contact information, and the vehicle identification number. On the appointed day, the driver will come to your hotel lobby or the front door of your residence to collect you, and he will assist you in loading your bags into the vehicle.

From Ho Chi Minh City to Long Hai, how can I reserve a car? Get in touch with our automobile rental service whenever you need the most assistance; we're open around the clock. See below for the pricing of reserving a vehicle. Before your departure date, we will explain our price in detail, so there are no surprises.

Not only will we come and get you from any location in Ho Chi Minh City or from the Tan Son Nhat Airport (Saigon Airport), but we can also drop you off at any hotel in Long Hai.

Limousine Ho Chi Minh To Long Hai

When renting Taxi Transfer Ho Chi Minh To Long Hai, you can move in the following ways:

Option 1: From Ho Chi Minh City, you follow National Highway 1A to Dong Nai Bridge, when you come to Vung Tau fork, turn left and then follow National Highway 51. Then, follow provincial road 44A to Long Hai.

Option 2: You go to Long Hai along the Cat Lai ferry to Nhon Trach (Dong Nai province) to Highway 51, turn Vung Tau (If you go this way, you can shorten the distance by about 20km)

We provide a cheap 4 seat, 7 seat, 16 seat, 29 seat car rental with driver to visit Long Hai from popular to High-class, fully equipped with modern and luxurious facilities for you.

All models are brand new cars below:

Our car fleets information:

⇔Sedan 4 seat.

Sedan or Vios :  Vietnam Trust Car Rental company 3 people & 3 luggages + handbags.

(Toyota Vios, Mazda 3, Honda Civic, Kia Stinger, Kia Selto).

⇔SUV 7 seat .

SUV or Innova: Vietnam Trust Car Rental company 5 people   & 5 luggages + handbags.

(Mux Isuzu, Toyota Fortuner, Innova, Avanza, Rush, Ford Everest, Nissan Xterra, Kia Sorento, Xpander, Suzuki Ertiga).

⇔Mini van 16 seat.

Minivan : Vietnam Trust Car Rental company 12 people &16 luggages + handbags.

(Mercedes Sprinter, Hyundai Solati).

If you are interested in our private transfer from Ho Chi Minh to Long Hai , please text us from whatsapp.

Trust & excellence reputation. 

No hidden charge. 

Professional & friendly driver.  

Free cancel with the right reason.

There is a team of enthusiastic and committed customer service consultants with the cheapest rental car in the area, no additional costs, pay after payment, cash, credit card after the end trip.

How much is a taxi ride from Ho Chi Minh airport to Long Hai?

Best Price from Ho Chi Minh airport to Long Hai will be charged as below:

Routes - Prices (USD)


4 seats

7 seats

16 seats

29 seats

45 seats

Ho Chi Minh to Long Hai

2 hours 35 mitute






How do I need to book and confirm the ride to Long Hai from Ho Chi Minh?

Free +84.934.189.301 

Free +84.932.726.644  


Book now

What kind of payment type is accepted for the reservation from Ho Chi Minh to Long Hai?

Option 1: Online payment deposit required for the reservation in advance just from 30% to ensure the booking is available and no increasing the base cost till up on arrival. 

Please, click here for online payment guides.

Option 2 : Cash delivery for our staff at the airport or hotels will be accepted but this issue's payment will not be recommended on the reservation because we may charge more for the peak season holiday or last minute booking.

Instructions for your reservation with us below: 

You may please chat with our tour consultants on the Whatsapp' application or send an email trip request and check the quotes before with us. Our sales teams will respond to all your questions and emails in 10 minutes including trip details and the charge. 

Once you have confirmed with the deal then you will receive a booking reserved with a receipt.

Tourist Sights in Long Hai

Long Hai Dinh Co

Address: Hai Ba Trung Street, Long Hai Town, Long Dien, Ba Ria - Vung Tau

Located on a windswept slope near Long Hai Beach, Dinh Co is a modest shrine dedicated to a virgin's drowning death, according to legend. The girl's spirit frequently makes appearances in the dream, guiding the villagers to escape several diseases and disasters. The locals revere it for that reason who gave her the title of Long Hai Goddess. The shrine underwent many reconstructions throughout the years, each time adding new rooms designed in a traditional and majestic manner.

At the base of the temple is Dinh Co Beach. Combining a visit to Dinh Co Temple with a day at the beach—which boasts golden sand, very calm waves, and crystal clear blue water—is a great idea. Known as an affordable paradise Tourists are enticed to visit and stay in Ho Coc Beach. 'Ho Coc'.

Long Hai Dinh Co

Ho Coc Beach

Address: Bung Bien Commune, Xuyen Moc District, Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province

Ho Coc Beach is a popular destination for vacationers because of its reputation as an affordable paradise. Located in the province of Ba Ria-Vung Tau, the little island of Ho Coc is part of the Bung Bien Commune in the Xuyen Moc District. With its serene beauty and immaculate waves, this sea is a popular destination for beachgoers drawn to the picturesque woodland shores.

Relax and unwind after enduring a tornado-filled existence at Ho Coc Beach, thanks to the beautiful surroundings and pure air. The beach is also immaculate, with verdant waters and cliffs that form a variety of attractive shapes all along the shore.

In addition to windsurfing, driving vehicles, and many other interesting activities, visiting Ho Coc is a great way to have fun.

Ho Coc Beach

The Hot Spring of Binh Chau

Address: Binh Chau Commune, Xuyen Moc District, Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province


Adults: 100,000 VND/ticket

Children: 50,000 VND/ticket

Ideally situated in the heart of a primeval forest, Binh Chau Hot Spring boasts over 70 points of open-water sprinkled with a plentiful mineral mud.

guests in search of a relaxed getaway in the middle of nature. Binh Chau Hot Spring has a comparable composition to other well-known hot springs that have been shown to heal skin and cardiovascular ailments, according to many studies.

The site was transformed into a resort that takes use of the hot springs while preserving the natural beauty and tranquility of the area. Tourists may have a relaxing vacation in the 820C mineral water, which is hot enough to cook eggs in around 10 to 15 minutes. The mineral water of Suoi Mo Lake and Que Huong Lake reaches 370 degrees Celsius, making them perfect for a relaxing dip. Guests love the velvety black mud on their skin after a mud bath with vital cajuput oil.

Minh Dam Mountain

Address: Phuoc Hoi Commune, Xuyen Moc District, Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province

Long Hai Town is around 6km away from Minh Dam Mountain. Tourists that make the journey there will have a exciting opportunity to see the site of a revolutionary stronghold during the American and French revolutions.

The peak was renamed to Minh Dam peak in 1948 in honor of the two soldiers, Bui Cong Minh and Mac Thanh Dam, who gave their lives at the base of the mountain. It was formerly known as Chau Long - Chien Vien.

The lush green trees and magnificent natural scenery are the first things that visitors notice when they arrive. There are a lot of caves in the mountains where people used to live and where soldiers used to live. There was an army force in every cave.

Minh Dam Mountain

What is the best time to visit Long Hai?

Long Hai has a cool climate all year round, you can travel to Long Hai at any time of the year. However, it is recommended to travel to Long Hai in October and November at this time the weather is cool, convenient for swimming, relaxing and especially watching the cherry blossom forest in full bloom.

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