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Transfer From Muine to Nha Trang by private car


 If you're planning a trip to Vietnam and looking for a coastal city with beautiful beaches, abundant marine life, and a vibrant nightlife, Nha Trang might just be the destination for you.
Located in the southern province of Khanh Hoa, Nha Trang is a popular tourist spot that offers a range of attractions, from water sports to ancient ruins, as well as delicious local cuisine and comfortable accommodation options.
In this article, we'll provide you with some essential travel information about Nha Trang to help you plan your trip.
Location: Nha Trang is a coastal city located in the southern part of Vietnam, in the province of Khanh Hoa.
Transportation: Nha Trang is accessible by air, train, and bus. Cam Ranh International Airport, which is located about 30 km south of Nha Trang, is the nearest airport. The train station in Nha Trang connects the city to other destinations in Vietnam, while the bus station offers bus services to nearby cities.

From Mui Ne to Nha Trang, how many km is the distance between the two cities?

Taking the coastal route along National Road 1A will bring you to Nha Trang, which is approximately 220 kilometers away from Mui Ne.

It is important to keep in mind that the real distance may differ from what is expected, depending on the mode of transportation and the path that is taken.

Nevertheless, if you keep this approximate distance in mind, you will be able to more effectively plan your trip time and select the mode of transportation that is most suitable for your requirements and tastes.

Limousine Muine to Nha Trang

When travelling from Mui Ne to Nha Trang, how long does it take to get there?

Depending on the mode of transportation that you select, the trip from Mui Ne to Nha Trang can take anywhere from 4 to 6 hours on average.
In addition, this estimate may change depending on elements such as the amount of traffic, the state of the roads, and the particular route that is followed.

To get to Nha Trang from Mui Ne, what are the most efficient modes of transportation?


1. Using a train from Muine to Nha Trang

One of the most common ways for people to transfer Muine to Nha Trang is by train. This mode of transportation is ideal for those who prefer to take it easy, take in the breathtaking views along the way.
There are multiple departures throughout the day for the train that travels from Mui Ne to Nha Trang. The train departs from the Binh Thuan Railway Station and takes roughly 4 to 5 hours to travel.
In order to ensure that passengers have a nice voyage, the trains are outfitted with amenities such as air conditioning, comfy seats, and onboard toilets.
The price of a train ticket is determined by the seat class, with higher travel classes providing a greater number of amenities. Approximately 150,000 to 360,000 VND is the price range for a train ticket from Mui Ne to Nha Trang.
The itinerary for the train that travels from Mui Ne to Nha Trang is subject to change; thus, it is recommended that you check the schedule once more before you depart.
Binh Thuan Railway Station: Muong Man Commune, Ham Thuan Nam District, Binh Thuan Province
Nha Trang Train Station: 17 Thai Nguyen, Phuoc Tan, Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa


2. Using a bus from Muine to Nha Trang

It is recommended that individuals who are looking for a form of transportation that is not only safe but also economical and efficient choose to travel from Muine to Nha Trang by bus.
At a cost ranging from 150,000 VND to 250,000 VND, the trip takes approximately four to five hours to complete.

Bus price will be charged as below:

Company Phúc Yên Sinh Cafe Phương Nam
Prices (VND) 200,000 300,000 270,000

3. Muine to Nha Trang By taxi 

If you are looking for a mode of transportation that is both more private and more direct, taking a taxi from Mui Ne to Nha Trang can be the most suitable choice for you.
Taxi Muine to Nha Trang
Taxi Muine to Nha Trang are easily accessible in Mui Ne, and they may be quickly arranged through your hotel without any difficulty. You also have the option of simply hailing a taxi on the street.
A trip in a taxi can take anywhere from 3 to 4 hours, depending on the amount of traffic and the route that is selected.
Although the cost of taking a taxi may be higher than that of other modes of transportation, it has the advantage of a door-to-door service that is both direct and convenient.
1. Taxi Mai Linh: 1055
2. Taxi Vinasun: 02523888888
3. Taxi Phan Thiet: 02523667788


4. Muine to Nha Trang by motorcycle

Consider using a vehicle or a motorbike to travel from Mui Ne to Nha Trang if you are searching for a mode of transportation that is even more private and flexible than using public transportation.
Because there are a large number of rental businesses in both cities, renting a vehicle or a motorbike is not only simple but also quite inexpensive.
You have the ability to travel at your own pace and according to your own schedule when you travel on your own. You may even stop along the way to take in the sights or grab a bite to eat.
It takes roughly three to four hours to transfer Muine to Nha Trang by car, depending on the amount of traffic and the route that is selected, whereas it takes approximately four to five hours to travel around on a motorbike.
The coastal route that runs along National Road 1A is the most popular route for both of these alternatives since it provides breathtaking views of the ocean and the mountains.

5. Mui Ne to Nha Trang by private car

When you transfer Muine to Nha Trang by private car, you have the opportunity to take in the breathtaking scenery along the way, stop for a short break wherever you wish to relax, take pictures, or indulge in the local food.
Private car from Muine to Nha Trang
Our driver of Nha Trang Private Taxi will meet you at the lobby of your hotel and then transfer you according to your plan. Therefore, we ask that you please inform us of your hotel for pick-up and drop-off.
On the road from Mui Ne to Nha Trang, you will have the opportunity to stop via Cam Ranh city, which is currently a popular tourist destination, particularly among travellers from other countries.
You should also make sure that you do not pass up the opportunity to visit the grape garden in Phan Rang province or to snap some lovely photographs at Ninh Chu beach, which is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam.
Our driver can converse with you and provide you with more information regarding your journey because he is fluent in basic English. At a price that is more reasonable, as well as more comfortable and convenient. Proceed to your hotel in Nha Trang to finish the journey.


Vietnam Trust Car Rental rent Private Taxi Muine Transfer To Nha Trang with the following models:
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⇔Minivan 16 seat.
Minivan : Vietnam Trust Car Rental company Vietnam Trust Car Rental company 12 people &16 luggages + handbags.
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private transfer

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How much is Muine Transfer To Nha Trang by private car?

In fact, the price of petrol, the cost of parking, tolls and roads changes from day to day. Therefore, the cost level for transportation services also changes according to the market.
In particular, the price of renting a car Muine to Nha Trang also depends on many different factors such as: distance traveled, vehicle type, travel schedule and accompanying utilities …
Therefore, to get the most reasonable and accurate car rental price. Please contact a reputable service provider such as Vietnam Trust Car Rental to refer to the price list for each specific case.
With detailed information about the trip schedule, customers will be quickly quoted.
Cheap price Muine Transfer To Nha Trang will be charged as below:
Seat 4 seats 7 seats 16 seats

How do I need to book and confirm the ride to Nha Trang Vietnam?

Free +84.934.189.301 

Free +84.932.726.644  


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What kind of payment type is accepted for the reservation?

Option 1: Online payment deposit required for the reservation in advance just from 30% to ensure the booking is available and no increasing the base cost till up on arrival. 

Please, click here for online payment guides.

Option 2 : Cash delivery for our staff at the airport or hotels will be accepted but this issue's payment will not be recommended on the reservation because we may charge more for the peak season holiday or last minute booking.

Instructions for your reservation with us below: 

You may please chat with our tour consultants on the Whatsapp' application or send an email trip request and check the quotes before with us. Our sales teams will respond to all your questions and emails in 10 minutes including trip details and the charge. 

Once you have confirmed with the deal then you will receive a booking reserved with a receipt.

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Top things to do in Nha Trang


Institute of Oceanography


Price: 40,000 VND/ per

Do not overlook the opportunity to pay a visit to the Institute of Oceanography, which is located on Tran Phu Street, during your trip to Nha Trang.
At this location, you will get the opportunity to view 20,000 specimens of more than 4,000 different kinds of marine and freshwater species.
In particular, this is the only location where the huge whale skeleton, which measures approximately 18 metres in length, 3 metres in height, and weighs up to 10 tonnes with 48 spines, has been rebuilt.
Institute of Oceanography in Nha Trang


Hon Mun Island


Price: 22,000 VND/ per

Hon Mun Island is a remarkable treasure for anyone who are passionate about environment because it is located in the entrancing Nha Trang Bay.
It provides a picture-perfect environment for snorkelling and scuba diving because to its stunning terrain, which consists of blue waters that are crystal transparent and coral reefs that are so colourful.
Aside from that, tourists have the opportunity to participate in a variety of other exhilarating sports, such as swimming, kayaking, and unwinding on pristine beaches.
There is no denying that visiting Hon Mun Island is among the most popular things to do in Nha Trang Khanh Hoa, Vietnam.


Ponagar Cham Tower


Price: 25,000 VND/ per

When compared to Hue and Hanoi, Nha Trang is not inferior in terms of the structures and buildings that it possesses. Located on Hai Thang Tu Street, the Ponagar Cham Temple Complex was constructed on a hill that was fifty metres in height.
Among the verdant woodland that surrounds it, the red brick structure stands out as the most prominent feature. In the past, there were ten buildings that were consecrated to various deities; however, only four of those buildings are kept now.
This is a breathtaking location that should be seen on the trip of Nha Trang, particularly for people who have a passion for art and history.
Ponagar Cham Tower


Nha Trang Stone Church 


A trip to this church is one among the things that you absolutely must do while you are in Nha Trang. Despite the destruction that time has caused, the church that is 92 years old and located on Thai Nguyen Street in the city centre continues to be noticeable.

The Gothic architecture at Nha Trang Stone Church, which is designed in the French style, is the most stunning aspect of the building.

In addition to that, the two bronze bells that are located on the bell tower contribute to the unique beauty of this church. The church is now an ideal location for visitors and newlywed couples to snap photographs, as it has been renovated.


The weather in Nha Trang

The months of September through December are considered to be Nha Trang's rainy season; nevertheless, the southern coast is less likely to see severe storms than its equivalents in the northern region.
As a matter of fact, Nha Trang receives the highest amount of sunshine in the country, which means that tourists can visit regardless of the season and still have a pleasant time along the coast.

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