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Private Car Transfers From Hoian To Phong Nha

Phong Nha is a paradise for those who thrive on excitement. Because it is situated in the middle of Vietnam, getting there takes more time and effort, which is perhaps the reason why there are fewer tourists that visit this town. When you go to Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, you will be able to experience a portion of heaven that is mostly untouched by human activity.

Hang Son Doong Cave is the biggest cave in the world, while Paradise Cave is the longest dry cave in Asia. This UNESCO World Heritage site is famous for its extensive cave system, which encompasses both of these caves. People who love being outside will also appreciate the karst mountains, lush hiking routes, and incredible fauna that can be found in Phong Nha.

The stunning natural beauty of Quang Binh's Phong Nha Cave has made it a popular tourist attraction in Vietnam. The distance from Hoian to Phong Nha is about 343 km. There are a variety of travel choices available to suit different interests such as train, bus, Private Car Transfers From Hoian To Phong Nha,... so there's no need to be afraid.

Since there isn't a direct flight between the two locations, much of the travel is done on the road, which allows you to see the landscape change as you go. Subject to traffic and weather conditions, the trip time often ranges from 7 to 8 hours.

How to get from Hoian to Phong Nha?

Taking a bus from Hoian to Phong Nha

Buses are the most convenient method to travel across Vietnam, even if you'll have to change buses at Hue (about four hours away from Hoian).

Both bus trips add up to about 8.5 hours of travel time. The typical fare for a bus from Hoian to Phong Nha is 17 dollars. The Vinh Moc Tunnel and the DMZ Bridge are two major landmarks along the route, so you could be worth considering a bus that stops at both.

Bus From Hoian To Phong Nha

There are direct bus excursions available from Hoian to Phong Nha operated by Grouptour and Queen Cafe. You will not need to be concerned about any transfers if you choose this choice. But you won't be able to take advantage of the breathtaking sights that the train offers. This is because buses that operate on this route go through the Hai Van Tunnel rather than the Hai Van Pass.

The bus station for both departure and arrival

The departure point for Grouptour is the Hoian Luxury SSB, whereas the departure point for Queen Cafe is the company's own offices in Hoian, on Ton Duc Thang Street, approximately 1.5 kilometers to the north of Hoian Old Town.

These two bus companies arrive at Central Backpackers Hostel, which is located on the main street in Phong Nha.

The list price of bus companies:

Company Grouptour Queen Cafe Happy Travel
Prices (VND) 300,000 320,000 350,000

Riding a motorcycle from Hoian to Phong Nha

Riding a motorcycle is a great way to see the countryside the way the locals do. You may choose from several rental services that provide the option to avoid returning the bike to Hoian.

The full journey to Phong Nha cannot be covered by a motorbike. Rather, you'll drop off the bike in Hue and transfer to a bus or train for the rest of your journey. The journey will take longer, but there will be opportunities to explore along the way. Some motorbike rental shops in Hoian:

Hung An
Phone: 0905 430 297
Address: 05 Do Dang Tuyen, Cam Chau, Hoi An, Quang Nam
Motorbike rental price: from 100,000 VND/day
Mr. Duc
Phone: 0235 3829 865
Address: 300 Nguyen Duy Hieu, Cam Chau, Hoi An, Quang Nam
Motorbike rental price: from 100,000 VND/day
Phone: 0848 005 599
Address: 441 Cua Dai, Cam Chau, Hoi An, Quang Nam
Motorbike rental price: 80,000 VND - 150,000 VND/day

Train from Hoian to Phong Nha

Because there is no train in Hoian, you have to take a taxi or bus to Da Nang to get to Phong Nha. The whole travel time from Hoian to Phong Nha by rail, including the bus ride, is around eight hours. Approximately 20,000 VND, the bus will get you on the road from Hoian to Da Nang. Alternatively, you might spend a little more money but get there faster by taking a taxi to Da Nang Train Station. About 45 minutes is the duration of the bus travel.

When you get to Da Nang, take the train to Dong Hoi; a soft seat costs 247,000 VND and a sleeper bunk costs 317,000 VND. To make sure you get the bus from Dong Hoi to Phong Nha between four or five in the afternoon, book an early departure at about 10 am. The cost is 35,000 VND, and the duration is 1–1.5 hours. Please remember to have an extra 25,000 VND in case you need to take a taxi from the Dong Hoi Train station to the bus stop.

Train From Hoian To Phong Nha

Private Car Transfers From Hoian To Phong Nha

Cheap private taxi Hoian to Phong Nha are the way to go if you want your trip to go off without a hitch. If you are traveling from Hoian to Phong Nha by private car, our driver will recommend that you make a few stops either to snap pictures or to take a little rest.

The Marble Mountains, the Hai Van Pass, Lang Co Beach, and other gorgeous areas in Phong Nha are just some of the fantastic locations that you will have the opportunity to see and stop at whenever you like.

Limousine From Hoian To Phong Nha

It is thus the ideal answer to use a private taxi Hoian to Phong Nha. Our team of drivers is comprised of pleasant, experienced, and English-speaking inpiduals who can assist you in feeling content and being serviced effectively.

When you arrive at your hotel, our Hoian Private Car driver will come and pick you up. He will then drop you off at the place of your choice securely and comfortably. Our private car Hoian to Phong Nha is always there for you to depart from Hoian to Phong Nha, and all you need to do is have a cup of Vietnam tea, coffee, or some other beverage when you are in your hotel room, or after you have finished lunch.

You can make plans to explore some of the attractions in Phong Nha National Park either on the same day or the next day, depending on when you arrive. 

Let us know, and we will be able to provide you with an additional quote.

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Taxi From Hoian To Phong Nha

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Things to do in Phong Nha

1. Expeditions exploring caves

One of the most exciting things to do is to explore caves that are situated in areas that are not easily accessible. You will have to go through the jungle in order to do this, and once you reach the cave, you will have to swim, abseil, and climb while wearing a helmet that has a torch fitted inside of it.

You may embark on such an exciting journey through any one of the dozens of caverns that are readily available. Given that it is the largest cave in the world, the Hang Son Doong is probably the most well-known of all the caves.

Thien Duong Cave

However, due to the fact that the cost of visiting this cave is three thousand dollars and it takes many days, it is not suitable for everyone. One of the most stunning caves in the national park is the Hang En cave, which can be explored in a span of two to three days and is worth considering as an option.

Caves such as Pygmy Cave, Tu Lan Cave, and Hang Va Cave are significantly more exciting than others. Be prepared for a genuine adventure, which will include swimming and climbing in a cave that is completely dark. There is an abseiling course that is one hundred metres long and extends from the collapse roof within the Tiger Cave

2. Camping

Campouts are another one of the greatest things to do in Phong Nha, not to be missed. The camping experience is already included in the price of a multi-day caving adventure that you are organising. 

Located inside the Hang En cave, at one of the openings and adjacent to a tiny pond that is located inside the cave, is where you will find the most spectacular camping. Campers are also able to set up their tents within the Pygme cave. Other caving expeditions typically take place outside in the rainforest, close to a waterfall or river, and include camping opportunities. 

It is certain to be a one-of-a-kind experience that you should have at least once in your life, regardless of whether you sleep in a cave or in the middle of the jungle, far away from society.

3. Tours of caves

You do not need to be concerned if you do not enjoy doing things that involve a lot of adventure, such as going on lengthy excursions through the forest and swimming in subterranean rivers. There are a great number of caverns that can be accessed from the road. These caves are illuminated on the inside and have paved roads through them, which eliminates the need to climb and clamber.

Phong Nha Cave

Phong Nha Cave and Paradise Cave are the two caverns that are considered to be the most well-known. Perhaps the most magnificent cave is the one that was just discussed. There are enormous subterranean caverns that contain both upright stalagmites and lengthy hanging stalactites. An excursion on a river boat through the breathtaking landscape of central Vietnam is included in the Phong Nha Cave experience.

4. Activities involving water

The activities that take place on the water are yet another exciting option on this list of the greatest things to do in Phong Nha. There are a number of activities that may be done at the park, including kayaking, swimming, floating bounce island, and zip lines that are suspended over the river. The park also features a river and many smaller sea rivers.

There is a spot called the Dark Cave where you can combine all of these aquatic sports with going to a cave. Your journey begins with the longest zipline in Vietnam, which will take you to the cave's entrance. A true mud bath awaits you at the end of the cave, which is fully composed of mud on the inside and is absolutely dark.

You will have to make your way through the tunnel. Eventually, you will be able to revive yourself by swimming out of the cave, where kayaks are waiting for you to paddle back to the beginning of the journey. Smaller zip lines that allow you to drop yourself into the water and floating islands are also available for usage in the river.

The Suoi Nuoc Mooc environmental path is a location that offers even more opportunities to engage in water-based activities. Zip lines, hanging bridges, and kayaks are just some of the activities that can be found here. On hot days, it is the ideal location for having fun and being able to cool off.

Activities involving water in Phong Nha

5. Going on a jungle walk

Additionally, you have the option of going on day trips into the forest in addition to the multi-day cave tours that involve jungle hikes. The jungle in Phong Nha is precisely how you would envision it to be or how you have seen it depicted in any movie.

There is a possibility that you may see some animals if you decide to go through the woodlands and occasionally through the low-lying rivers that are surrounded by mountains. It is, without a doubt, the most advantageous to go on a trekking excursion that is organised, since this will allow you to be led by an expert guide over hidden paths that are not known to other travellers. 

6. Take a drive through the park and the neighbourhood.

The park that is located above earth is equally as amazing as the park that is located below ground, and riding a bicycle or motorbike is a great way to experience this. Bicycles are available for free to borrow from a number of the lodgings in the park, while motorbikes may be rented for a price starting at 100,000 VND.

Despite the fact that the roads will lead you deep into the forest, you will also have the opportunity to explore the stunning and broad landscape that surrounds the park. As you make your way through the park, you have the option of either taking in the breathtaking landscape or going straight to the caverns that are situated along the path.

It is recommended that you go down the Ho Chi Minh Highway to Bong Lai Valley if you are interested in seeing more of the neighbouring area. 

A trip of the national park is something you should consider doing if you are an experienced bicycle. Due to the fact that there are no restaurants within the park itself, you should make sure that you have a decent bike as well as lots of food and drink.

Riding a bicycle in Phong Nha

7. Go on a boat excursion in Phong Nha

You will be able to take a boat ride that lasts for two and a half hours to and from the cave when you go to the Phong Nha cave. While you are on your journey, you will cruise through the breathtaking scenery, which includes mountains, rainforest, small settlements of ethnic minorities, and the farmland.

It is quite possible that you may witness a water buffalo washing itself and cooling itself next to you in the river river. If you don't feel like going to a cave, you should still go on this boat tour since it is enjoyable.

8. Small towns and villages

It is not just the rainforest and the fauna that call the national park home, but also the ethnic minority groups who call it home. There are tiny settlements in the park and just beyond it that are inhabited by members of the Bru Van Kieu group.

The majority of their diet consists of rice, which they grow in fields that have been drowned or burned over. A significant amount of food may also be obtained through activities such as hunting, gathering, and fishing. Primarily for the purpose of making religious offerings, they raise cattle and poultry, and then for their own use. As their second activity, they build baskets and palm mats out of palm leaves.

9. Gardens of Botanical Interest

The Botanical Gardens may sound a little dull when you consider all of the breathtaking landscape that the national park has to offer, but in reality, it is a name that was not picked very well. It is possible to go through the jungle without the assistance of a guide here, and there are three distinct paths that you may choose from. In addition, there are a number of locations where you can swim in natural pools, and there is a stunning waterfall that you can go to.

Phong Nha - Ke Bang Botanical Garden.

Ticket price to visit Thien Duong Cave: 250,000 VND/ 01 ticket

Ticket price to visit Phong Nha Cave: 150,000 VND/ 01 ticket

Ticket price to visit Tien Son Cave: 80,000 VND/ 01 ticket

Ticket price to visit Suoi Nuoc Mooc: 80,000 - 280,000 VND

Ticket price to visit Chay River - Dark Cave: 270,000 - 450,000 VND/1 adult

Best time to visit Phong Nha

From March through August, visitors to Phong Nha Ke Bang National nature can enjoy the nature at its finest. The many natural wonders in and around the park are at their most picturesque during this time of year because it is the dry season. On most days, you can expect warm to hot weather, with temperatures reaching 32°C.

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